A Sword That Heals

Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon… it is a sword that heals

“A Song for Occupations” by Walt Whitman

"Why what have you thought of yourself?
 Is it you then that thought yourself less?
 Is it you that thought the President greater than you?
 Or the rich better off than you? or the educated wiser than you?"
Walt Whitman "A Song for Occupiers"

American poet Walt Whitman

Americana poet and patriot Walt Whitman's ode to working class people. The message of Whitman, all the way back in 1855, is being echoed once again by the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy movements around the United States (and world!) Enjoy the full text after the page break.

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My Experiences at Occupy St. Louis

Sign at the edge of Kiener Plaza in St. Louis
A movement, Occupy Wall Street, which started as a small grassroots protest in New York has spread throughout the United States 
and world. I attended the Saint Louis, Missouri chapter, Occupy St. Louis twice in recent weeks. 

The movement at large has gotten a lot of flak from the corporate media for not having a centralized voice or message. 

The movement itself has a larger view rooted in history.

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Occupy Wall Street Poster by Robb Saul

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